Favorite Blogs

Here are my current favorites:

Of course, I have to say that everything needs to be held up against the Word of God – which is our only authority. Also need to say that I am not a blog connoisseur, like some of my friends who avidly read each post as it comes into their inbox. Rather, I go to these writers when I need encouragement, a kick in the pants, or some practical tools for equipping the women around me to passionately do what God has called them to do. These are the women bloggers who do it for me – with their authenticity, commitment to carefully handling God’s Word, and wisdom in the hard issues in ministry.

Margaret Feinberg
Margaret is a cancer survivor and author. Her writing blends authenticity with creating beauty with words, helping me understand the heart of Jesus better and how I can love Him in real life. Her blogs are steeped in Scripture and encourage me to allow God to speak to me on His terms, through His Word

Leading and Loving It

This blog began with Lori Wilhite and Brandi Wilson’s book “Leading and Loving It” and gathers together bloggers addressing the top struggles for women in ministry. Designed specifically with pastors’ wives and women in ministry in mind, the writers offer encouragement and practical down-to-earth advice for navigating the challenges of living in the fishbowl.

LifeWay Women’s Ministry
Chris Adams gathers a host of writers with a wealth of experience, to encourage other women in ministry. I heard Chris at the last LifeWay Women’s Conference and love how intentional she is about her thinking about the seasons of leadership and what we have to glean in each of those.

What I’m Reading

Leading and Loving It – Lori Wilhite and Brandi Wilson
Practical encouragement for pastors’ wives and women in ministry. Taking a lot of pieces from this book to use in equipping our pastors’ wives to navigate this season well. It’s generating some great discussions.

Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When the Stakes are High – Kerry Paterson and others
This is a great book that has helped me to keep my head when tensions are rising, when I must decide whether to fight, withdraw or engage in a healthy way. Changed the way that I think about the importance of keeping lines of communication open but is also intensely practical with great stories and application points.

Hiding In The Light – Rifqa Bary
A true story of a young girl who is forced to run away from her staunchly Muslim home, fearing for her life, because of her belief in Jesus Christ. I’m doing Understanding the Times (an intense class on worldviews from Summit Ministries) with my youngest daughter before she heads to high school in the fall. We read this real story after studying the theology of the Muslim faith, to help her have a more wholistic perspective on Islam and what it’s like to grow up in it. It really inspired both of us to pursue Jesus more wholeheartedly and to “count all things a loss compared to knowing Him”.

Sacred Privilege
When I started reading this book, I was doing cartwheels by about chapter 3. I’ve been searching for a book that looks at the unique calling of being a pastor’s wife as a “one flesh” calling that we enter into as a team with our husbands. I’m delighted that she is using her platform to encourage pastors’ wives to begin embracing the opportunities that come with this calling, and not just focus on the challenges. I’m actually going through this book with one of our Exec Pastor’s wives and developing a discussion guide to use with the rest of the Pastor’s wives as we go through it together. Home Run, Kay!!

Uninvited by Lysa Terkhurst
Just started this one. A bunch of women at Mission Hills are reading it and loving it so I thought I’d pick it up for my daughter who just transitioned to college (new friends, feeling like you just don’t have a place yet). Then, finding myself in a place (again) of needing to remind myself of my identity in Christ and the unique calling He has put on my life (even though it doesn’t have a job title, a position on a team, or even a job description that I can check off) – I picked it up and am loving it. Haven’t gotten very far, but love her writing style and God is using it already to remind me of Truth I need to stand on. You’d think that being a pastor’s wife would mean that you are “invited” to everything – that you’d have so many people around you, you’d never feel lonely. Not so much.